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Obsidian licensing requires access to Carfey Software's servers to verify license authenticity. To accommodate those who wish to limit Obsidian hosts with access to the internet, we provide a key server proxy that can be deployed in any servlet container.

In your software package, you would have received the key server proxy as obsidianKeyProxy.war. Within this war, under WEB-INF/classes is Note you should not need to edit the master key server url, which is fixed at "".

Prior to Obsidian 2.5.0 Within the file, you should set your license key, based on the template provided.

Once the proxy is deployed, to configure use of the key server proxy by the Obsidian scheduler, simply login to Obsidian Web Admin app as an admin user, access the System tab, select the Licence category and set the address of your deployed key server proxy as the clientKeyServerUrl. Make sure it ends with "/licence", e.g. "https://internal.server/licence".

Then make sure the value for the system setting clientKeyServerUrlBackup is set to Carfey Software's key license server at This will give you failover in case your proxy goes down.

Security Note: By default, the proxy key server allows non-secure connections. If you wish to force secure connections through HTTPS, you can edit the web.xml in your war and uncomment the <security-constraint> element in the file. This will force all requests to redirect to an encrypted connection. For details on setting up SSL on your servlet container, refer to its documentation.