Admin System (3.x.x and earlier)

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This screen allows you to view and edit system settings which affect either the scheduler itself, or the admin web application.

It also allows you to remove or add specific hosts to the pool of scheduler hosts.

The screen is only available to users with Admin rights.

Note: Some settings, especially those which affect queue behaviour, should be used only by advanced users who understand the changes being made.

Viewing Settings Categories

Clicking a settings category the left will refresh the settings table.

Updating Settings

After viewing a settings category, values can be updated by directly updating the input field in the table and clicking save.


Settings Validation

If you update a setting to an invalid value, you will see be notified by an error message and the setting will not have been changed.


Settings Information

Settings have detailed descriptions within the table. These will indicate the meaning of the setting and impact of changing it.

Running Host Status

You can also view and change running host status from this screen. Checked hosts are active scheduler hosts, and unchecked hosts are not running jobs. Simply check or uncheck a box to change the host status. You will be prompted to confirm your action.

2.9.0.RunningHost.PNG 2.9.0.RunningHostDisable.PNG