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Job conflicts can be configured to prevent jobs in the same conflict group from running at the same time. This screen can be accessed by all users from the primary navigation sidebar, underneath the Configuration parent menu item.

See Conflicts for feature details.

Adding and Removing Groups

Add a new group of conflicting jobs by clicking the Add Conflict Group button. Add a job to that group by selecting it from the selection list below the Remove Group button. You can then use drag and drop to order jobs within that group. The same job can be used in different conflict groups (see the note below on priority and conflict resolution). Each group must contain at least two jobs. To remove a job from the group, click the the red (X) next to the job name.

Remove groups by clicking the Remove Group button in the conflict set.

Confirm your changes by clicking the Save button.

Note: The order of jobs within a conflicted group indicates which job takes priority. Jobs at the top are given priority over those lower down, and will be executed first when conflicts arise. In addition, it is important to note that when selecting available non-conflicted jobs to run, Obsidian inspects the conflict groups in the order provided when they are saved (i.e. Group Priority), and selects the highest priority available job before moving onto the next conflict group. When priority is significant and varies across different groups, ensure your conflict groups are defined in the desired order.

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