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Global Parameters allow you to configure job parameters globally, and then simply import them into jobs as needed. This screen can be accessed from the primary navigation sidebar, underneath the Configuration parent menu item.

Global Parameters

By default, Users who have Write privileges will be able to edit and save values. Users who have Limited Read access will see obfuscated values instead of the true configuration values (see Access Control).

Customized Access Control

By default, Write users may edit global parameters, and all users except Limited Read users may view them in clear text. Scheduler settings globalParamEditAdminRequired and globalParamReadAdminRequired under the Dashboard category can be used to change this behaviour to restrict these abilities to Admin users. The former is used to exposed write privileges only to Admin users, and the latter is used to allow users other than Limited Read users to view actual configured values instead of obfuscated text.

Editing Global Parameters

This screen allows users to either view or edit global parameter values.

To add a global parameter, click the Add Parameter button. Global parameters always allow multiple values since they have no fixed definition, and you may add values by clicking the (+) and trash buttons to the right of the field. Any entered values will be validated against the selected type, and the selected type will determine how they are stored. Note that the defined type does not have to match the type of job parameters that reference it - Obsidian will perform automatic type conversion where possible. Data types are defined here so that you can avoid configuration errors.

The Remove button will remove the parameter and all its values.

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To save your configuration changes, click the Save button at the bottom of the form. If there are problems with your changes, you will be notified at the top of the screen. You can then correct your entered information and re-save. Upon success, you will see a success confirmation.

Job Validation

When saving changes, any jobs that reference global parameters will be re-validated, which may result in a validation error which prevents you from saving your changes. This is to ensure that jobs always have valid configuration based on their defined parameters, that all referenced global parameters exist, and that data types are consistent. Parameterization - Global Parameters has more detail on global parameter validation.

Using Global Parameters in Jobs

A global parameter must be defined before using it in a job.

To use an existing global parameter in a job, instead of supplying a literal value, you will supply the global parameter name surrounded by double curly braces (e.g. {{param}}). Obsidian will see this is a global parameter reference and will import the global parameter values in its place when validating the job and when executing it. The Jobs screen page has more detail on referencing global parameters.