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This screen allows you to view and manage custom calendars. It can be accessed by all users from the primary navigation sidebar, underneath the Configuration parent menu item.

Calendars provide a mechanism to prevent jobs from ever being scheduled and executed on certain dates regardless of their schedule pattern. Job schedules may optionally be assigned a custom calendar on a schedule/state group.

Note: Custom Calendars have no impact on chaining, failure resubmissions or one-time runs of jobs.

Calendar Listing

Lists all available custom calendars. Click on the calendar name to edit, or the (+) button in the table header to create a new one.

CalendarListing 4.0.png

Add/Update Custom Calendar

You may update the name or the dates associated with a calendar.

Dates are specified in the format yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. 2013-12-31) and can be separated by commas, spaces or newlines.

Note: Once you have created a custom calendar, to apply it to a specific job you must create a new schedule for it which uses the custom calendar.

NewCalendar 4.0.png


Deleting a calendar will remove it from all job schedules which use it. You can do this by clicking the Delete button at the bottom the edit screen. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.

DeleteCalendar 4.0.png